Degrees and Foundation Degrees


Recently a Foundation Degree has been developed for the Superyacht sector.  The qualification, know as the FdSc Operational Yacht Science is usually delivered over a period of three years in conjunction with other training or a ‘cadetship’.  Some training providers are now offering a full programme of training to provide you with a broad overview of all superyacht operations including deck duties, engineering and hotel services, and a ‘fast-track’ route to Deck Officer OOW certification.

There is often the opportunity to ‘upgrade’ your Foundation Degree to a full degree with further study to achieve a BSc (Hons) Marine Studies (Ocean Yachting), for example.

There are benefits with both the foundation degree route, and the more traditional on-the-job certification route and you should consider these carefully before making your decision.  Find out as much information as you can about your chosen route before embarking on it.

As these qualifications are relatively new to the industry, it is important to include on your CV full details of which qualifications and certifications you have achieved and an outline of what skills you have learnt (for example a brief syllabus).  This will help potential employers to know exactly what training you have received, even if they are not personally familiar with the course.

The following Superyacht UK member offers Foundation Degrees:

UKSA , Isle of Wight - 01983 203001