Nominations for Superyacht UK Executive Committee

Join the SYUK Executive Committee

The Superyacht UK (SYUK) committee steers the work of the association.  The committee make key decisions to ensure the services that Superyacht UK deliver are relevant and meet the aims of the association: ‘to achieve greater co-ordination and professional support for the UK Superyacht sector with the aim of the UK gaining greater market share of the global Superyacht sector.’

This year, two vacancies have arisen on the Superyacht UK Executive Committee.  We would like to request nominations from interested individuals who wish to be considered for a place on the Committee.

Nominees are required to express their interest personally by email to myself no later than 31st March 2018. 

Nominations will be reviewed by the Executive Committee and successful applicants duly informed that they will be considered for election at the AGM.