Market Information

Market information

Making better informed business decisions is easy for Superyacht UK members with access to a wealth of industry data and insight.

Compiled by British Marine, the annual superyacht industry-specific trends research is complemented by other statistics and research including:

- KPIs - Key Performance Indicators for the leisure, superyacht & small commercial marine industry
- Marine Industry Trends - Bi-annual survey to determine current state of the industry
- Economic Benefits - of the UK boating Industry, coastal marinas & inland marinas
- Boat Production and Boat Park - unit numbers by size and type estimated in the UK
- Watersports Participation - adult participation in boating and water-based leisure activities and household boat ownership
- Sector specific projects - undertaken on behalf of SYUK on the superyacht market, MEEMA on inboard engines sales and TYHA on marinas
- International Markets - including ICOMIA global statistics book and Individual country reports
- Others - include post-event surveys for International Development, support for Government Relations campaigns

Market reports and survey results are available to members on the British Marine website.


Training support

Member companies can apply for a grant covering up to 50% of relevant training costs, subject to small business status and achievement of specified criteria.

Awards of 30% are normal for most successful companies and can be used for the British Marine Federation’s range of short courses. Details and application forms are available here.