Berthon christens 120T boat mover

Delta 88 at BerthonPictured is a DELTA 88 in Berthon Boat Co Ltd’s 120T ASCOM boat mover which enables simple transportation of large and or heavy craft around the boatyard.

The Delta 88 is destined for the paint sheds after having been placed in the blasting area for a manual removal of the antifoul coats, before entering the paint preparation shed. Following attention to a few bumps and scrapes picked up over years of cruising in northern waters, she will move to Berthon’s state-of-the-art finishing spray booth where only the final top coats are applied in the near-laboratory environment. Following on she will be easily transferred (for a fourth time) to the refit shed for a vigorous five year RINA survey and concomitant works.
Berthon employs 140 employees at its UK south coast HQ with 15 project managers, 70 in-house skilled craftsmen and thirty apprentices.
This marvellous piece of equipment shows that Berthon continues to invest in its infrastructure to ensure seamless efficiency even in the boat handling department. It also means we can move large yachts into our finishing booth rather than paint top costs where dusty prep work has taken place. Larger sailing yachts with a different underwater profile are placed in a cradle which is lifted by the ASCOM 120T boat mover.

Berthon also has five other boat moving machines.