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Cathelco Ltd

Cathelco - a range of products for superyachts

Cathelco have developed a portfolio of products for the superyacht industry including:-

  • Seawater pipework anti-fouling systems
  • ICCP hull corrosion protection systems
  • Reverse osmosis desalinators (watermakers)
  • Ballast Water Treatment (BWT) systems

The company is represented by an international network of agents/installers located in yachting centres and ports throughout the world.

Products and services

Seawater pipework anti-fouling systems

Cathelco are world leaders in seawater pipework anti-fouling systems for luxury yachts.

The systems eliminate blockages in engine cooling lines caused by the growth of barnacles and mussels. They consist of copper and aluminium anodes with are mounted in seachests or strainers and wired to a control panel. In operation, the copper anode produces ions which prevent larvae from settling on the internal surfaces of pipes. At the same time, the aluminium anode produces ions which form an anti-corrosive surface on the inside of pipes.

A range of anodes is available to suit yachts of every size including miniaturised anodes which can be fitted within plastic strainers and even within pipes.

  • Eliminates blockages in engine cooling pipework caused by barnacles and mussels.
  • Economical and easy to install.  Completely automatic in operation.
  • Copper anodes with integral cathodes available to protect plastic strainers and pipework.
  • Operates with copper concentrations of 2 parts per billion.


Hull corrosion protection systems – steel and aluminium

The Minitek ICCP system uses the latest technology to protect steel hulled yachts against corrosion. This is achieved by using an arrangement of anodes and reference electrodes wired to a control panel. The anodes and electrodes are flush mounted on the hull, so there is nothing to interrupt the smooth profile. Current from the anodes ‘neutralises’ the electro-chemical activity on the hull to prevent corrosion.

Aluminium is subject to corrosion when used in conjunction with other metals such as bronze propellers and steel components. The Alutek ICCP system prevents these problems and provides very carefully controlled corrosion protection using a combination of monitoring electrodes, controlling electric electrodes and di-electric shield sensors.

  • Automatic systems – continuously monitor and control anode output.
  • Anode life 15 years – much longer than sacrificial anodes.
  • Saves on hull maintenance costs.
  • Does not detract from smooth hull profile.


Cathelco Seafresh – reverse osmosis desalinators

We produce a range of desalinators with outputs from 36 litres per hour to 35 tonnes per day.

Ideal for pleasure craft, the H20 Series are designed to be compact and are available in a frame or space saving component form. Fully automatic with electronic water quality testing, they have outputs from 36 litres/hour to 276 litres/hour.

The new Medium Duty Ton Series with outputs from 8-16 tonnes per day have flow meters for monitoring input feed and product water generation. A range of optional extras include a media filter, product softening filter, fresh water flush, UV steriliser and many others.

With output capacities from 20 to 35 tonnes, the Heavy Duty Ton Series provide potable water for the full range of drinking, washing and cleaning requirements. They are available with various pre-treatment and post treatment facilities with the option of remote control from the bridge.

Ballast Water Treatment systems for superyachts

Cathelco are one of the few companies specialising in BWT systems for luxury yachts.  Based on a combination of filtration and UV technology, the units have capacities from 34 cubic metres to 1,200 cubic metres per hour. The system is IMO approved and has AMS acceptance enabling it to be used on yachts entering U.S. territorial waters.

Space availability is a major consideration on luxury yachts and therefore the BWT system has been designed with a number of saving saving features. These include a very compact filter, shorter UV chamber and a very small footprint. For retrofit installations, all of the major components can be supplied in modular form enabling them to be distributed in available areas.

  • IMO and U.S. Coast Guard AMS approved.
  • Completely chemical free.
  • Stepless power supply - saves energy.
  • Effective in salt, brackish and fresh water.
  • Accurate UV dosage using UVT sensors.




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