Fischer Panda adds Sea Recovery Aqua Matic watermaker

Aquamatic WatermakerFischer Panda UK has added the newly-launched Sea Recovery Aqua Matic Dual Pass series of watermakers to its product line.

The compact reverse osmosis unit by Parker Hannifin Corporation produces ultra-pure water on-board via a fully automatic dual pass water desalination system.

The quiet-running and compact Aqua Matic Dual Pass combines the benefits of a standard watermaker with the capability to produce ultra-pure water from sea water or from any dockside freshwater source.

Developed by the Water Purification Division of global leaders Parker Hannifin Corporation, the latest addition to the Aqua Matic range features the highest capacity to footprint/weight ratio and can produce up to 3400 gallons per day from sea water.

It features a titanium high pressure pump for extended use with ocean water and a remote-mounted 8-inch colour touch screen with real-time water quality monitor.

Easy to install and operate, the self-contained, plug-and-play Aqua Matic Dual Pass is available now from Fischer Panda UK and supported by Parker’s global network of over 300 dealers and distributors.

Chris Fower, Fischer Panda, said: “We are really pleased to further enhance our watermaker offering to our customers and extend our range of popular Sea Recovery Aqua Matic systems. The new Dual Pass is one of the most revolutionary units available and particularly significant for boat owners who want reliable, limitless access to ultra pure water so they can eliminate streaks and spots, and minimise damage to yacht finishes, when they are washing their boat.”

The Aqua Matic Dual Pass adds to Fischer Panda UK’s Sea Recovery portfolio, which includes the high-capacity, fully-automated Sea Recovery Aqua Matic XL for super and mega yachts and the middle capacity Sea Recovery Aqua Whisper models. Featuring the latest technology, the Aqua Matic range is engineered to be easier to use and more reliable than conventional watermakers.

The Aqua Matic Dual Pass is available in three capacities, with prices starting from approximately £20,000.

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