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Frazer-Nash Consultancy Ltd

Frazer-Nash has a long track record in providing marine consultancy services to its clients. Our client base ranges from manufacturers of small aluminium support vessels to superyacht designers and builders. Our team of naval architects and engineers are dedicated to supporting our customers. We excel in solving particularly difficult problems; be it assessment of composite manufacturing defects or hull vibrations as a result of propeller ingestion of stabiliser vortices. Our capability is underpinned by our continued programmes of research and development partnered with key clients.

The following provides a summary of our marine capability:
- noise and vibration prediction, measurement and problem solving;
- helicopter approach simulation for superyachts (CAP 437 and LY2 compliance);
- airflow modelling including HVAC, engine rooms, exhaust stacks;
- applying advanced hydrodynamics and hydroelastic design methods utilising CFD and FEA;
- structural design, production inspection, damage assessment and audit.
- managing and assessment and restoration of historic ships;
- expert witness in the analysis of marine accidents and injuries;
- safety assurance for ships and offshore installations;
- support in the definition of tender documentation and contractor selection;
- research and development into advanced marine technologies including hydrodynamic simulations; Frazer-Nash is a member company and marine lead in CFMS Ltd. (

Products and services

Noise and vibration management
Airwake to LY2 and CAP437
Airflow modelling
Hydrodynamic simulation
Structural analysis
Histroic ship management
Safety assurance
Requirements management
Expert witness

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