QinetiQ Ltd

Cody Technology Park, Old Ively Road
GU14 0LX
United Kingdom

T: 01252 392000
W: www.qinetiq.com
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QinetiQ Ltd

QinetiQ International Maritime Consultancy and Software (IMCS) offers clients a wide range of naval architecture and engineering services to support customers at all stages of the commercial vessel’s life cycle.

Our services include:

  • Comprehensive set of physical testing capabilities supported by our facilities

  • Propeller design advice

  • Concept design capabilities, including design assessment, requirements definition, option studies and regulatory advice

  • CFD analysis capabilities

  • Vessel stability and performance optimisation

Work is delivered by a team of naval architects, marine engineers, propeller design experts, CFD practitioners and software engineers, underpinned by world-class test facilities and software tools such as our Paramarine® ship design software and Survive® vulnerability assessment software. Paramarine® is a world class integrated naval architecture design and analysis software. Built on over 25 years' experience, Paramarine software is used extensively in the world-wide defence, commercial, offshore and marine renewable sectors by shipbuilders, designers, operators and owners.

QinetiQ’s world-class test facilities are based at Haslar (Portsmouth, UK) and consist of a 270m long ship model towing tank, 120m x 60m Ocean Basin and large cavitation tunnel facilities to conduct physical model testing for resistance and propulsion, seakeeping, manoeuvring, stability and propeller testing/optimisation.

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