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Technical Officer / Electrician job description

Superyacht Technical Officer

Electronic Technical Officers (ETOs) and/or Electricians are generally employed on larger superyachts where the Engineering department comprises around four or five crew. In some instances one person may fulfil both roles, or there may be different individuals for each. If there is no ETO or Electrician on board, their responsibilities would fall to the Engineer. ETOs and Electricians usually report to the Chief Engineer.


The ETO takes responsibility for the day-to-day maintenance of all electronic, computer, audio/visual and communications equipment and ensures its efficient operation. On a large superyacht these systems are likely to be numerous, for example: Radio, radar, telephones, satellite communications including internet and other communication and navigation systems, personal computers, TV and DVD systems, Hifi and sound systems, and electronic management systems linked to equipment on the yacht.

The ETO is also responsible for ensuring that all planned maintenance work takes place on these systems and co-ordinates operations with shore-side technicians.

The Electricians’ role is similar to that of the ETO, however the systems he/she would be responsible for include all electrical circuits on board, circuit breakers and switches, lighting, batteries, etc.

Required Skills and Experience

An ETO or Electrician may have experience as an Engineer on board a superyacht who has developed a specialism in electronics or electrics.

They may however have experience as a computer technician, radio/radar specialist or marine electrician working in shore-side employment. Certainly some level of experience of working with similar systems to those on board would be expected.

Required Certification

An ETO or Electrician should hold the MCA STCW Basic Safety certification, and while not mandatory, may also hold qualifications in electrics/electronics. The MCA STCW Engineering certification may also be a requirement, depending on the yacht.

Salary Range

An ETO or Electrician would usually earn a salary of between £2,000 and £3,500 per month, depending on experience and the scope of the position.

Career Progression

Superyacht Crew
If an ETO or Electrician has a suitable background in general superyacht engineering, he/she may progress to the position of Chief Engineer.

Marine Industry
An ETO or Electrician may choose to transfer their skills to a position in the Merchant Navy.

Alternatively an experienced ETO or Electrician would be in demand in a number of roles within the marine industry. Boatbuilding and shipbuilding firms both employ these roles.

Other Industries
Electronics and Electrical skills are valued in many other industries. Depending on the position, it may however be necessary to attend training courses or gain qualifications to convert your marine engineering skills to those relevant to the position.