10 machine hoist contract for Stella Maris Yachting

As the exclusive UK service agent for Wise Handling, whose hoists lift boats in and out of marinas at countless locations around the UK, Stella Maris Yachting’s engineering team has been kept busy around the country. Since the company was appointed exclusive agent to Wise earlier in 2017 business has grown rapidly.

Stella Maris Yachting (SMY) has been awarded a 10-machine service contract from Princess Yachts, one of the world’s best-known builders of luxury motorboats.  The machines are located at four different facilities at Princess’s Devon sites.  The team have undertaken general service work on the different machines including ballbearing changes.

Our capabilities

The servicing of Wise boat hoists and travel lifts around the UK is carried out by Stella Maris Yachting’s engineering division, whose team is fully trained and certified to carry out service and repair work to the Wise range of hoists.

Their engineers are equally at home servicing a broad range of systems, superyachts, small boat engines and more, so the hoist servicing is just another part of our portfolio.  SMY engineers have provided servicing for Wise in the UK for a number of years and are highly experienced in handling the Wise products and processes.

Wise Handling is the world’s best known manufacturer of mobile lifting and traveling solutions for the marine and industrial sectors from small boat trailer hoists to large commercial vessel hoists.

SMY also responds to emergency repairs around the clock throughout the UK and their services are available to the hundreds of boat yards and marinas which use Wise.

SMY has just completed the required annual inspections of two hoists in Jersey, at the Ports of Jersey marinas in the Channel Islands. The company also assembled a brand new Wise machine, fresh out of the factory, for Parkstone Bay Marina.  Still in Parkstone, the SMY team carried out general service work on the 25 ton Wise hoist at Poole Yacht Club, including servicing hydraulics.

Jonathan Craig, who leads the engineering team, explains “We will also be constructing another one at North Fambridge on the River Crouch in Essex in the spring of 2018.  It takes as about two days with two engineers to complete the task.”  Jonathan emphasises the importance of having regular servicing.  “All Wise hoists should be serviced annually.  If your hoist hasn’t been serviced recently you should get in touch with us.”

The engineers at Stella Maris Yachting are fully trained and approved by Wise Handling.