Shipyard Supply Co. launches new superyacht davit crane

Superyacht deck equipment specialist Shipyard Supply Co (SSCo) has revealed details of its new davit crane.  Designed for superyachts of all sizes, the davit crane has been developed in response to an increase in demand for large format inflatables.

SSCo commercial manager Luke Porter explained, “Inflatables come in all shapes and sizes, and many, especially slides and climbing walls, have to be secured to the top deck of a superyacht.  If the yacht doesn’t have a tender or heli-deck crane, then the large inflatable needs to be man-handled up there by the deck crew, which can be time-consuming.

“The new davit crane is designed to be fitted into a socket on the top deck, so the crew can winch the inflatable up there, saving time and man-power.  Once finished with, the crane can be removed and stowed away.”

The carbon crane can also be used to bring cargo onto the foredeck of a yacht, or to winch heavy toys such as jet skis or Seabobs onto the transom.  The crane design has been refined using the latest geometry and full structural analysis has been undertaken.

Luke added, “As a former bosun on a 72m Feadship, I know how physically demanding working on deck can be.  The davit crane will help prevent superyacht crew lifting overly heavy items, reduce the risk of wear and tear and increase efficiency on deck.”

SSCo works closely with leading superyacht inflatables specialist FunAir to deliver the complete package needed for inflatables installation.

John Courtney, MD of Yachting at FunAir commented, “The new removable davit crane is the perfect solution for yachts that don’t have toy storage on the top deck. We love that the socket can be added to the top deck with minimal disruption, and yachts can now enjoy the benefits of a crane without having to have one permanently installed. For our largest yacht slides and climbing walls this makes deployment even quicker and easier for crew.”

The lightweight crane comes in two parts for easy storage and assembly; it can also be painted to complement the mothership colour scheme.  The deck sockets have been designed to fit any make or model of superyacht, whether it is GRP, steel or aluminium.  With up to a 3m reach, the crane comes with a Dyneema purchase system as long as is required for the height of the yacht.  The crane is able to lift up to 500kgs and comes with quality Spinlock deck fittings and a Harken manual or electric winch.

Whether it’s stainless steel, composite, aluminium or wood, SSCo has the experience and infrastructure to work on any custom deck equipment project.