Mayfair Marine – Leading the change of the yachting industry to zero carbon using hydrogen

While poised on the cusp of maritime regulations moving towards achieving zero carbon status, Mayfair Marine recognises the need for greener alternatives and has been collaborating with owners and shipyards to support this culture change. We have become the first member of the Hydrogen Europe organisation within the yachting industry. We are constantly striving to ensure we are at the forefront of this emerging technology by being involved in the latest innovations and pushing the boundaries for a cleaner fuel source.

Hydrogen as a marine fuel is one of the ways to achieve zero carbon yachting as it can act as an energy carrier, converting this energy at the point of use into electric power on board using for instance fuel cells. Hydrogen is the most abundant chemical element and is found in many of our conventional fuels, but rarely occurs naturally. Hydrogen obtained from industrial scale production with low to zero carbon emissions is a key factor to transform the yachting industry to a zero emission industry that everyone can rely on.

The British government recently unveiled a £12bn 10-point plan, highlighting the significant role that hydrogen plays in decarbonisation and how we are entering a global energy transition. Hydrogen is a fuel that has been used for a century, but only now can we identify the environmental value it plays for sustainability. This transition is slowly being adopted in the automotive and transport industry and it will now require a joint approach from all industries, including the maritime sector, to be fully successful.

At Mayfair Marine our team are embracing this joint approach and recognise the responsibility we have to both our clients and the environment. Our team of experts includes Ivo Veldhuis, who is a renowned academic and has a doctorate in engineering, specialising in the use of hydrogen as a marine fuel. Howard Lowe is the managing director of Mayfair Marine, he is a chartered naval architect and marine engineer with over 25 years of experience in the marine industry. Together they have been sharing the latest technical developments and their expertise.

Ivo has been advising on various committees including EU projects for Horizon 2020 and the new maritime working group for Hydrogen Europe. Howard is part of the Superyacht UK technical committee and recently both Ivo and Howard took part in the Crestron TV panel discussion “A new fuel, Hydrogen?”. Mayfair Marine has also contributed to the Hydrogen Europe vision paper which will be published shortly and Ivo  will be participating in the forthcoming METSTRADE tech talk “The Clean Engine Room – Efficiency and the Environment”.

We are proud to be part of this collective action, working with the increasing number of people in the industry who are pioneering the way to a greener and cleaner future. If you would like to follow us on our journey, contact us to learn more about the services we offer.